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Pardon me, but I notice
you have Hair on your Head.
May I ask WHY?



The picture at top left is me on January 10, 2009.
As you can see, my hairline had begun to recede somewhat.

But as shown by the picture of the crown of my head at bottom left,
taken on August 11, I still basically have a full head of hair.

When I was about ten or twelve years old, my grandmother offered me a deal no kid could refuse: I said that if I would let my buzzed-off hair grow out, she would give me twenty dollars. And that was back in about 1960, when twenty bucks was TWENTY BUCKS!

I never had short hair since then until August 1, 2009, when I buzzed it myself with a #4 guard on my beard trimmer. The pic a left was taken on August 6 while I was at Seattle for the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

After buzzing my head for the first time in about fifty years, I let it grow out until August 23, when for the first time in my sixty years, I shaved my head. Well, not my whole head, just my scalp. My beard is permanent. I think. But first I did a mohawk! Never did that before.
I shaved my formerly virgin scalp once or twice a day until about 1:00 on August 31, 2009.


At three o'clock, about three hours short of ten years and four days after my first tattoo, Mike started to give me what may be my LAST TATTOO!
Mike drilled the ink into my scalp for about an hour and a half that first session,
and color was added on October 5 and 12, about two hours each session.
He did touch-ups on October 20, completing my crowning tattoo!

The pic at left and those below are the finished tattoo.

/images/headtat/head111509fa.jpg /images/headtat/head111509fb.jpg /images/headtat/head111509fc.jpg

/images/headtat/head111509la.jpg /images/headtat/head111509lb.jpg /images/headtat/head111509lc.jpg /images/headtat/head111509rb.jpg /images/headtat/head111509ra.jpg

/images/headtat/head111509ba.jpg /images/headtat/head111509bb.jpg /images/headtat/head111509bc.jpg





You know, a guy with a big lion tattooed on the top and back
of his head never knows when he might need to cover it up.

I had given my dome a really thorough shave on November 15.
That is when the pictures in the last section above were made.

But after that, I decided I would let the hair grow back for awhile.

You just never know if you might do something
which would cause mug shots to be taken or something.

Or I might just need to keep my head warm during the winter.

These pictures show about two weeks' hair growth, on November 30, 2009.



I kept growing my hair for six weeks.
The pictures at left were taken on December 26.

The comments I got as it was growing were interesting. In the early stages of the regrowth, many people commented that the lion looked really cool being furry. Some suggested that I shave my head except that I should let the hair grow on the lion. Several wondered why I was covering him up and wanted him to be returned to the open spaces.

/images/hairytat/hairy122609fc.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609fb.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609fa.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609ba.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609bb.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609bc.jpg

/images/hairytat/hairy122609lc.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609lb.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609la.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609ra.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609rb.jpg /images/hairytat/hairy122609rc.jpg









I shaved off my scalp hair the afternoon of December 27

I am now Bald By Choice once again! And once again, I love it!"

But before I shaved it, I buzzed it off without a guard on my beard clippers.
It looked pretty close to shaved, but it is just NOT RIGHT! I hate the stubble.

I will have to be at least a DAILY HEAD SHAVER!"

I haven't shaved my face since August of 1996. I quit shaving my beard
because I really hated doing it. It HURT, especially my moustache.

I think it is really strange that I really don't mind shaving my scalp.
I had expected it to be as bad (or worse) than shaving my beard, but it isn't.

Therefore, my beard is safe so far.

But I am sometimes really frightened by how much my face sometimes really itches!
And on my body, that generally has caused the itchy area to get tattooed!

I think that from now on, when I am asked, "Why do you shave your head?"
my response will be: "I don't know! Why do you shave your face?"

Think about this: it seems obvious to me that growing a beard while shaving the scalp
is no less reasonable than shaving a beard while growing scalp hair!

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